Living in a park village of distinction means adopting a new lifestyle; an uncompromising retirement for people who want to enjoy new experiences and thrive. Our lodges have been designed with independence in mind: your own home with your own garden area and parking, but living in Bournehurst also means joining a community of residents with one shared goal – to enjoy a retirement beyond expectations.

Our village is evolving in three phases, the first of which was Damfield Gardens, a 67 bed care home. Phase two is 15 contemporary lodges dotted around the open parkland. Our proposed final phase brings with it a host of indulgent facilities which every Bournehurst resident will be invited to use. This hub of amenities will be located at the centre of a 90 apartment building, the crowning jewel of the village.

Our proposed facilities will set new standards for retirement living, there will always be opportunities available to quench your thirst for excitement, indulgence or relaxation; whichever you choose, we’ll cater to it. We believe that retirement should be tailored to you – whether that means keeping active in our exclusive health spa or inviting friends for a meal in our bistro restaurant. That’s why we will provide a selection of amenities and services along with the option to join the residents’ association and have your say on what you’d like to be provided.


  • Restaurant open for breakfast and dinner
  • Bistro Cafe and wine bar
  • Fully equipped gym
  • Infinity pool with jacuzzi and sauna
  • Hair salon with beauty therapy treatments available
  • Over 4 acres of parkland and landscaped gardens to enjoy with walkways and cycle paths
  • Weekly hobby clubs
  • Craft and pottery room with regular classes
  • Electric car pool club and chauffeur service
  • On-site newsagents

Whilst Bournehurst is still a developing vision, our priority is the residents’ comfort and peace of mind, which is why we are taking extra measures to ensure that your experience is not affected by any continuing works in the village. We also practise a complete transparency policy, if you would like updates on the progress of the village, just ask.


Bournehurst Park Village is currently in phase two, the communal amenities are not available yet, but residents who buy a home before the amenities are completed will not pay any Communal Area Rent until such time as all of the amenities are complete and ready for use.