Bournehurst Park Village is a development by Priory Asset Management. It was created with one resolute vision: to design and build a retirement village with a grand feel at an affordable price.

We are passionate about surpassing our residents’ expectations so that they can thrive in their retirement and experience a lifestyle far beyond the norm. Our properties are ingrained with excellence, from the British slate on the roofs to the walnut doors and cushioned carpets; in our villages only exceptional will do.

During the development of Bournehurst, we were assisted by a team of expert architects, construction consultants and interior designers, all of which helped to ensure Bournehurst really is a park village of distinction – a cut above the rest.

Whilst Bournehurst is still a developing vision, our priority is the residents’ comfort and peace of mind, which is why we are taking extra measures to ensure that your experience is not affected by any continuing works in the village. We also practise a complete transparency policy, if you would like updates on the progress of the village, just ask.